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MLM Mantra

A doing well run of a multi-level marketing business, require to have comprehensive knowledge of all features related to manage the members profile, payouts, hierarchy structures, rewards etc. so the company wants to build up a link that can connect it to reach up-to the level to convince all the business require for its associates with an proficient and accessible software.

MLM software must play a very vital role for a gainful MLM Business with all profitable advantages.

MLM software has its own unique place in the building up and enlargement of the company. It proves the dependability of the company.

  • Domain Specialization & Expertise

    Pixyrs is having a panel of all well trained experts who has worked on all diverse features of network marketing like: Income Calculations, Plan Design, how to grow the business, Tactics of constancy, infrastructure preservation which increase an energy to information, It´s a actual backbone of the business. This will also aid and support you to raise above all the problems which may approach to your way.

  • Any Type of Compensation Plan Expertise

    Pixyrs is knowledgeable with all type of MLM Plans; either its Binary plan, Matrix plan, Forced Matrix plan, Uni Level plan, Helping plan, Investment plan, Board Plan, reverse 2 up plan, Party Plan, Spill-Over Plan, Australian Binary MLM Plan, or any other modified Plan.

  • Customized Modules Availability

    MLM Mantra comprises all customized modules like: Email System, SMS API Integration, E-pin Generator, P-wallet, E-wallet, Franchise, Shopping Module, Product Management, Inventory, Customer support, Courier Dispatch, Accounting, Payment Gateway, and SEO/SMO, Advertising, Etc. A modified MLM Software ensures you to choose any of our modules of your selection.

  • User Friendly Environment

    If a being who is using any type of software it must be very comprehensible so that a layman can also job who is just a trainee with computer knowledge, our MLM Mantra provides an surroundings to do all every day routine work on the software like Payouts, MIS Reports, Registrations, Profiles Changes, hierarchy Searching, We are giving a very easy way to manage everything under one cover.

  • Fast up-gradations and changes possible

    If a MLM company start a big business then they must require the support to run the company and they may require up-gradations and alters as per their business situation, in that case they require a very fast way out to do the needful, our application made to provide all the necessity dynamically so that the updations are possible with a very less instant. .

  • Easy Maintenance

    Our MLM Mantra Provides greatest dynamic settings from admin panel, which you´re your way easier to get the effects done, company can modify in website, news, photos, seminars, videos, events, plan changes, alteration and addition of new features, change in profit Etc. which makes a business headaches free which make sure 100% smooth preservation.

  • Quality oriented ROI

    Our MLM Mantra is fully familiar with all the necessary featured and functionalities to run a business to the long run, and may not need to invest additional to make changes or to add new aspects and modules. Which enlarge the dependability, excellence and eventually the return of your asset?

  • Name Effect – Creating Brand

    The result of a Brand name can be implicit to see the assortment of a company; many winning Multi Level Marketing companies have used our MLM software and got the credit in marketplace only because of difficulty free business, if software will be high-quality then it will mechanically create a Brand.

  • R&D unit to keep you efficient with new aspects and technology

    Make simpler we are very specialize peoples who know the value of a mistake for a company runner. So we have recognized an R&D department to offer aspects which gives you a simplest way to get the effects done, and enhanced with the original, we are giving latest developments to our customers, we are stay on launching new edition. .

  • Data Security improvement to get a secure working surroundings with own data

    The largest thread for a company is the information and data security, which can demolish any business and database play an imperative role in this. We are functioning on such a stage where we can make sure you the revival of data in decisive situation with promise of safety; we are following emergency management in IT zone and creating the policies consequently. .

  • Online Business Marketing and advertising support

    You will be receiving a SEO Friendly web portal to online business marketing as well as doing publicity of your business plan on diverse MLM News Portal, MLM Classifieds, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus.

  • Team Feedback and CRM

    Pixyrs considers on the relations from the origin, and forever making a strong connection between client and company, so that we can appreciate his requirement and can act consequently to get the effects done. Our CRM Teams carry out a scenario to meet the response information from customer to make the quality improvement, product up-gradations and overall development.

  • The decisive is its cheapest price in marketplace, for such worth added software, must evaluate

    We assurance for our price if anybody go and evaluate with any other seller who make sure all these benefits and aspects in the software, we recommend to get it evaluate with any one in phrase of Product Quality and price BOTH.