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This term can be well identified to understand when you split it in two different words- Crypto and currency.

In Crypto means confidentiality, encryption and privacy and the other term currency means money. The Crypto Currency is mostly a digital currency and the intermediate of exchange which uses the coding methods in terms of encryptions to handle the privacy of the individual or the members using it.

The most general Crypto Currency that is well-known worldwide is Bitcoin that was produced in 2009 after that there was a overflow of Crypto Currency like Dash, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin, Augur, Komodo, MaidSafeCoin, Ethereum Classic, Steem, DigixDAO, Nxt, PeerCoin, and much more.

Crypto Currency Exchange Software

Pixyrs Softech provides Crypto Currency Exchange and Trading Software since 1.5 years, our Crypto Currency Exchange Software running fine for different currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Monero. Our software has been the perfect software that it suits the best pool for the Crypto Currency Exchange and Trading Software.


We had successfully developed and deployed our Crypto Currency MLM Software in some of the countries like UK, USA, India, Canada, and Europe.


Our MLM software covers main features such as mining pooling, currency exchange and trading as well. To identify more about our MLM software services, sign up for our Crypto Currency Exchange and Trading Software free demo by filling up our form so that we can arrange a meeting for demo as per your requirements.

Advantage of Crypto currency

  • No Theft
  • Quick agreement
  • Low cost of transaction
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