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Pixyrs - AN ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, Member of BSCIC, IAF (International Accreditation Forum), Accurate Business


2+ Years Knowledge Expertise into IT Domain


"We will be the company of choice and the partner of choice by focusing on our great values of Employees First, Trust, Confidence, Intelligibility, Flexibility and Value Centricity."

  • Customer Requirements

    Pixyrs Softech is dedicated towards improving competence of our customer by our top-quality software development process. We obtain business goals in order to fulfill customer requirements into account in order to get better the excellence, reduced estimate time & cost considerably.

  • Evolve with the market trends

    Our great team is forever on the lookout for latest technologies to better serve your requirements and keep up with business changes; our experts rely on best practices to effectively meet your needs.

  • Give World Class Facility to Clients

    Pixyrs Mission is to deliver money-making, high-class web & mobile apps development solutions services to our customers. In our business, Client happiness is our top concern and first priority and we accept as true into make happy of our clients and for all their demands. We have great team of experts with extremely capable and knowledgeable of web and mobile app development solutions in order to give world class facility.

  • Build an engaged client community

    Our solution will assist you better deal with your operations so you can focus on the goals that will add to a high-quality client experience. The best representative for your company is a trustworthy, satisfied customer.

  • An innovative team that understands you

    Understanding your marketplace and your industry reality permits our teams to offer a wide range of products and services that are supple and customized to your requirements, incessantly supporting the increase of your business.

About us

Pixyrs Softech is an ISO: 9001: 2015 certified Web, Software, iPhone, Mobile and API Development Company in India, it has offices in India, UK and headquarter positioned in Jaipur, India. We have a great team of more than 30+ highly professional, skilled and fully experienced team members in Pixyrs.

Pixyrs Softech is an IT and software consulting or solution providing company for next invention business cooperate with each other throughout the globe. With complete system across various industries and businesses, we do work dedicatedly over the client's project to revolve them into some most winning and high performance companies. Sharpen limits through improvement and nonstop learning, all these things turns it into the most talented brand since 2016. At Pixyrs Softech, achievement is guaranteed backed with our hard work, outcomes, customer satisfaction approach and prepared team effort.

Pixyrs Softech lies in its outstanding model of Client’s project management that aid us to provide the most convoluted, advanced web, android, mobile and iPhone app development solutions. Client happiness is our prime focus and to attain this we use newest and advanced technology, smart organization skills to ensure in time delivery. You will get 24x7x365 best customer support from Pixyrs to offer the best solution right away.

Corporate Governance

At Pixyrs Softech, we confidently believe that correct corporate governance drives enlargement and creates long-standing value for all our entrepreneurs. We are dedicated to adopting best performs in corporate governance and accomplish business decently.

Our corporate governance is made on the ideology of honesty, equality, impartiality, simplicity, liability and dedication to values. Our governance performs reflect our customs and how we are prepared. We make sure corporate governance in our company through a standard review, preferably a standard self-governing review.

Our Core Values

Outstanding results on the clients real-world requirements are addressed through Pixyrs Softech IT services and our promise is that they can focal point on our core business and make value.

We work on all latest Technology platforms like: IVR for Calls, Ticket Support, Sales CRM and Task Flow to satisfied the clients / Employee need properly with proper support

  • Our Values
  • We trust in quality through technical expertise
  • We trust in people and we put people first
  • We trust in team work
  • Innovation, Quality, Delivery in Time
  • The center will be a transforming facility
  • Believe in
  • Integrity and Trust
  • Respect
  • Driven for Results
  • Leadership through Teamwork
  • Ingenuity and Innovation

We are helping our clients across the world with a dream of becoming the most recognized brands & assist our customers to accomplish their business goals. At Pixyrs Softech, we provide highly quality web and software services & mobile and iPhone application development services with pioneering ideas to deliver perfect assessment for money to our customers.


Pixyrs vision is to build up in a regular manner and produce as a major web and mobile apps developer to turn into a leading provider, in providing excellence web & mobile application development services in the viable worldwide marketplace.